Discipleship Evangelism Testimonies

Here are a few testimonies of how Discipleship Evangelism (DE) has been impacting lives in Mexico. We simply asked people who took DE to write about what this course has meant to them and below are their translated responses.


Andrea Abrego Cana
This discipleship course opened up in me a much larger panorama of God and His love. It is a tool that you have deposited in my hands and that I will use. Since this course began, the way I share God’s Word has continued to improve more and more.

Maria Guadalupe Acosta
DE has been very important in my life. I learned more about God, His love and forgiveness. Since we are a reflection of Him in the earth we should communicate His love to others so that they will come to know how marvelous He is and that knowing Him is eternal life!

Claudia Barcenas Rangel
This discipleship course has been very important for me because it helped me learn about who I am in Christ and to understand the Bible better. This course opened my mind so that I can see that I have a purpose in God. There were things that I didn’t know about God and this study cleared up my doubts. On many occasions I thought that God wasn’t listening to me which wasn’t true because I now know that He is always helping me and giving me strength.

Miguel Nogues
This discipleship course taught me that I should forgive those that have wronged me, no matter what they have done because that is what God is like. I also learned about the benefits of being faithful to His Word.

Javier Moralez Samora
Through DE I learned many things about God that I had not known before. And I also had the opportunity to speak in tongues which was easy for God, but was something that I had asked for and wanted for a long time.

Sergio Martínez Juárez
This Discipleship course has helped me in my personal life to understand more about my relationship with Jesus because I have learned how to read and understand the Bible which has given me a true communion with Him. I have stopped having doubts about how to have a personal relationship with Jesus since I have understood that many of the religious traditions that I inherited from my parents aren’t founded in Christ and end up being merely rituals instead of true acts of faith in Jesus Christ.

José Roberto Reyes Gómez
I have learned so much about the loving and merciful nature of the Lord Jesus and who I am according to His Word. All of this knowledge I have gained has affected the way I relate to God. I now understand that nothing can separate me from His love and that I am justified and perfect before Him. DE has improved my daily life because I am encouraged knowing that God is concerned with my everyday life now not after I die. Each class was an oasis for me during my week; moments in which God spoke to my life..

LEON, México

Martha Vázquez de González
I have been a believer for the past 27 years. And during that time, I have attended many Christian conferences and Bible seminars, but I never really understood what Jesus meant when He said, “Go and make disciples of all nations” until I took this Discipleship Evangelism Course.

Ricardo y Yolanda Calderón
We are very blessed to have taken this DE course which has helped us to reaffirm our faith, to learn more about the Bible and how to share with others how good God has been to us. This is a great tool for us to use over and over for personal study and for bringing others to the Lord.

Elvira Hernández De la Rosa
DE is a simple and practical way to understand the message of God’s love for us through Jesus Christ. And how to share this message with others. I now know that eternal life is knowing God personally and intimately.

Frank y Rafaela Navarro
This course has been a great blessing to me because it has taught me in a very simple way about God’s Word. I like the way the lessons are structured and that they are easy to understand. Each lesson brought me personal revelation about God’s love for me.

Rosy Andrade
There were many things about the Bible that I didn’t know and some I didn’t understand like the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Through these lessons, I realized that I had been baptized in the Holy Spirit a long time ago and was able to receive my prayer language.

Omar, Fanny y Gustavo Escorza
Omar: DE helped me to learn about the Bible and increased my faith in God.

Fanny: I have received many blessings through taking this discipleship course. I have a business and since I have taken DE my customers say that they see that I’m changed and that I have a lot of peace. I tell them it’s the joy I have of being close to God and then I am able to share how they can know Him too.

Gustavo: DE has strengthened me in my relationship with God and now the lessons are a guide for me of how to share with others.